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Suffering With Degenerative Disc Disease?

Man suffering from degenerative disc diseaseDegenerative disc disease is a spinal condition that affects hundreds of people a year, and as we age, the fluid in the spinal discs begins to reduce and change, causing degeneration. The discs between each spinal vertebrae act as shock absorbers for our spine, and, like any part of the body that is being consistently used and compressed, it is susceptible to natural wear-and-tear. Often times, this change in the spinal disc fluid can result in thinning, fragile cartilage in the spine, which may lead to an abundance of pain. If you are middle-aged or have been suffering from back injuries, you must know very well how much the body changes with age. Unfortunately, degenerative disc disease is part of life, and it usually begins some time before x-rays can show signs of degeneration. Degenerative disc disease may occur in any area of the spine from the cervical to the lumbar area, and this condition can radiate to the surrounding parts of the body including nerves, muscles, and other tissues. Fortunately, degenerative disc disease is a condition that can be treated without surgery or any other type of invasive treatment.

Doctor exams spine for severity of degenerative disc diseaseThe device we use at East Bay Spine And Disc Institute to help the recovery process from degenerative disc disease is a the Spinal Decompression Therapy. it helps patients slowly stretch their back through the help specialized algorithmic software designed to provide comfort during Spinal Decompression Therapy without the abrupt tugs that cause muscle spasms and pain like some traction devices and therapies. The reason we Spinal Decompression Therapy at East Bay Spine And Disc Institute is to help the patient find natural ways of healing back pain without having to take a list of prescription drugs or endure spinal implant surgery.

At East Bay Spine And Disc Institute in Livermore, we understand the pain you are experiencing from degenerative disc disease. Our Spinal Decompression Therapy can help stretch your spine in the affected area to promote self-healing. Essentially, we work diligently to restore muscle strength and extremity functionality and find pain relief in the areas experiencing symptoms.

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